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We support our customers.

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The mPact Pro®

A network of industry certified homeownership counselors, agencies, and intermediaries with an idea came together to formulate a client management system for the next generation. 

Our team has the counseling experience to help your agency succeed.

"Best in Class" Customer Service

Our team exists to support our clients with industry leading customer service and continuous product improvement.

As a customer, you will receive a support response within 30 minutes. 

The Customer Care team will work with your from the Onboarding process through 9902 reporting.  Support materials combined with a knowledgeable staff lay the foundation for your success. 

Our Software

mPact Pro® CMS is a state of the art client management system specifically created for HUD-approved counseling agencies.

Our software always stays current with all reporting requirements from HUD's HCS interface. 

mPact Pro® is built by our in-house developers with a focus on simple, intuitive workflows.


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