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Is this program similar to SalesForce?

mPact Pro is built off of the Podio platform which was chosen by mPact Pro because it has several advantages over other software service platforms like Salesforce.

Will this program have the capability to autopopulate the Uniform Residential Loan Application and electronically submit to the lender?

We will have this capability by end of the second quarter.

Can reports run automatically on a schedule?




Can mPact Pro replace Counselor Max?

Yes. We can transfer client data from CounselorMax into mPact Pro with additional functionality, stability, integrity of data, and ease of use.


Can you search by lender loan #?

Yes, you can search by lender loan number as well as any other unique field in any data entry point. This is a unique feature of mPact Pro called oMni-Search.


Are there any limits to number of users or clients entered? 

No limits to the amount of clients or users that can be added but there is a cost for each user.


Can this be integrated with SalesForce?

Yes, there are hundreds of applications we can customize and integrate to make your agency more efficient.



If we are already using CounselorMax, will these two systems integrate?

We can not integrate these systems but we can transfer data.


To what degree does this integrate or export to NeighborWorks' reporting system?

mPact Pro can submit NW reports.



What kind of security is in place to protect clients' privacy?

See Security Protocol Document.


Can we add additional data fields, such as a client's bank account or lack thereof, if a client has a goal of saving?

Yes, through the App feature.



Does this CMS have the ability to capture rehabilitation and construction lines of business or is it primarily a couseling/edu tool?

Yes, through the App feature.


Is Data migration set up for HCO?

Yes, as a special customization.



Has mPactPro been approved by NeighborWorks for its members to use? 

NWOs are permitted to utilize any system they so choose including building and utilizing their own proprietary system.


Who all has access to your particular agency's info that is placed in the cloud?

Only the owner of the license.


Can we use any credit reporting agency?  can we pull the credit report into the software? Can we upload into the software with documents?


We can access credit reports and store said reports within mPact Pro. 


So, while we can't pull credit reports, we can download and store on the cloud? 




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