How It Works

mPact Pro® is an immersive, state-of-the-art client management system that combines ingenuity with practicality in a way that helps your agency streamline client data and improve internal communications.

Utilizing our in-house staff and the incredibly powerful Podio platform, mPact Pro® is a system that supports next gen features while exceeding industry standards.

With maximized efficiency and thorough reporting capabilities, your agency can make work flow with mPact Pro®.


Customizable Dashboards

Users can set up tools and select links to facilitate the counseling process.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Allows users to store and file unlimited data on the Podio platform


Delegate tasks to users and track completion.


Integrated Messaging

Make phone calls, send texts and make video calls from mPact Pro®.

Dynamic Filtering

Develop reports (in seconds!) on any and all data collected by mPact Pro®.

There's an App for That!

Have customized applications designed for your agency through the licensed mPact Pro® software

Calendar Integration

mPact Pro® can integrate Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 Business, and Office 365 Personal.

Real Time Updates

All data entry is time-stamped up to the second!


Data is logged, time-stamped, and thoroughly checked for reporting accuracy.

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